About Guypo

I’m Guy Podjarny (Guypo), CEO & cofounder at Snyk, where we deal with the security risk your open source dependencies introduce. I’m passionate about making a better web and do so through speaking, writing and building tools, mostly on the topics of Web Security, Web Performance and Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Before Snyk, I was the CTO of Akamai’s Web Performance business, following its acquisition of my startup, Blaze. Before that I built Web Application Security products, including the first Web App Firewall (AppShield), Dynamic Application Security Testing tool (AppScan) and Static Application Security Testing tool (AppScan Dev Edition).

Other random facts: I have 18 patents related to security and performance; am the author of “Responsive & Fast” and “High Performance Images”; created Mobitest, an open-source mobile web performance testing tool; am on the programming committee of the Velocity conference; and am a startup advisor/mentor/investor.