Open-Sourcing Mobitest

I’m excited to announce that today we’re open-sourcing Mobitest!

Your Laptop Screen Just Got Smaller

The new iPad shipped today, and a lot of reviews and comments are popping up. In the performance and mobile design world, those conversations revolve primarily around images in this new Retina iPad era.

SPDY for Mobile – Good News?

A few weeks ago Google released a beta version of Chrome for Android, which is substantially different than the built-in Android browser. It offers some cool new features, which are outlined quite well in the videos on the Chromium blog. Both Sencha and Firt reviewed and had high praise for it’s HTML5 support and more.

Blazing Akamai

Google Analytics Site Speed vs. Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance Explained

The Different Levels of Async JavaScript Processing

Async JavaScript Execution is a hot topic. Naïve use of JavaScript causes various problems ranging from blocking other resources to creating availability dependencies on 3rd parties. Therefore, advanced websites and sophisticated 3rd parties try to load JavaScript asynchronously as much as possible.

How Would You Enhance HTML Tags For Performance?

A little while ago Jason Grigsby wrote a great post outlining his “wish list” for how the <img> tag should change to simplify mobile design (and specifically Responsive Images). The post created a lot of good conversation, and hopefully some standards activity too. At the end of the day, browser makers and developers share a common goal of making the web better, so this type of feedback helps.

Mobile Web Performance Unraveled (GoogleTechTalk VIDEO)

In the last few months I’ve been giving several presentations about Mobile Web Performance in various venues such as Walmart, Time and others. I also had the honor of giving this presentation as a Google Tech Talk, and the google team recorded a video of this presentation.