IE’s Premature Execution Problem

Recently we came across a problem so bizarre I was amazed I never saw it before: IE executes dynamically created scripts before they’re added to the DOM!

Why Inlining Everything is NOT the Answer

Last saturday I had the honor of writing a guest post in the great Performance Calendar, a part of Planet Performance (@perfplanet), and run by Stoyan Stefanov and Sergey Chernyshev.

Blaze Launches Next Generation Optimization Service to Double Mobile Site Performance

Breakthrough technology the first to pre-execute JavaScript in the Cloud

JavaScript Pre-Execution for Mobile: Taking Scripts out of the Loop

Today we’re launching a new optimization I’m very excited about – the ability to Pre-Execute JavaScript for Mobile Devices. Understanding JavaScript is critical when attempting to automatically understand web pages. Eliminating JavaScript from pages, to the extent possible,  is a major performance optimization opportunity.

Mobitest Update: iOS 5, Blackberry and Simulated 3G

It’s been a while since we updated about Mobitest, and we’re way overdue for an update. Despite the lack of updates, Mobitest use has been growing quickly, and we have some exciting new additions we’re releasing today too.

iPhone 4S Browser Performance Review

After reviewing Apple’s latest software update in iOS 5, we wanted to test the new hardware as well. We got an iPhone 4S as soon as it was released, and ran it through a battery of measurements.

iOS 5 Top 10 Browser Performance Changes

The much-hyped new version of iOS is finally here, and with it comes a new version of its browser. Here at Blaze we’ve been studying this new browser for a while, to learn what performance related changes it introduces.

Eliminating the CSS bottleneck

A big part of accelerating websites is eliminating bottlenecks. Scripts are likely the most discussed bottlenecks, but CSS files are equally bad. CSS files will block all subsequent downloads if there’s a script (internal or external) in between – which is the case on practically any real page.